ABM SPORT MANAGEMENT SRL company is specialized in talent management, couseling and promotion of the basketball players and offers both players and clubs the following services:


  • Recruitment, guidance and support for young people to build and strengthen a career in sport, giving them the opportunity to play at clubs in their own country and abroad;
  • Recruitment of young athletes who graduated the high school in order to promote them to get a scholarship at universities from the USA, having the opportunity to play at clubs from the third Basketball League;


  • Promptness, reliability and professionalism in selecting the players thanks to the collaboration with scouts from abroad (eg USA, France, UK)
  • Preparation of contracts between the basketball agent, player and club under national and international law by staff specialized in sports.


  • Negotiation and renegotiation of contracts between the club and the player under contract with our company;
  • Mediation and prompt resolution of all disputes arising between the club and player;


  • Legal assistance and counseling to players during the entire period in which the player is under contract with our company;
  • Initiate and implement a personalized plan for each player (ex. Adaption to new living environment, integration team, new requirements to the style of play, etc) to achieve desired performance.
  • Ensuring transparent and cordial relations in the relationship player-agent-club.