Ronnie Childs



An explosive combo guard who can play the 1, 2 and 3 positions. Has
great speed on the court, good scoring, passing skills, shoots 3
pointers well, creates for others and also can rebound the ball good
for a combo guard.

2007-2008: Albany State(NCAA2, starting five) 11ppg 5ast 4reb
2008-2009: Albany State (NCAA2, starting five) 14ppg 6ast 5reb
2009-2010: Albany State (NCAA2, starting five) 16ppg 6ast 6reb
2010-2011: Albany State(NCAA2, starting five) 18ppg 7ast 7reb
2011: Latin America showcase camp: 10ppg 4rpg, 4apg
2011: Conyers Court Kings (World Basketball Association, starting five
): 12ppg, 5rpg, 6apg
2011: Caribbean Heat Islanders de San Andres (Colombia-Copa
Federacion, starting five):10ppg,3rpg,8apg,
2012: Soles de Ojinaga (Mexico-LiMeBa, starting five) 15ppg, 8ast, 4reb
2012-2013: Six Stars (Equatorial Guinea, starting five) 23ppg, 6ast, 11reb
2013-2014: Al Ahli (Oman, starting five) 15ppg, 7rpg, 10apg
2014-2014: UCB (Bolivia, starting five) 16ppg, 10ast, 5 rpg
2014-2014:Mazatecos(Mexico-Cieba,starting five)
23.1ppg, 15rpg, 10apg

WBA Finalist -11
Colombian Copa Federacion Finalst-11
Limeba finalist- 2012
All star selection-2013
Equitoral guinea semi finalist-2013
1st team all import-2013
All star selection-2014
1st team all import-2014