Nemanja Rudan


Name: Nemanja Rudan

Nationality: Serbia

Year b. 15.10.1992

Height: 200 cm

Weight: 96 kg

Position : 2 or 3

Current club: BKK Radnicki – Belgrade

Previous clubs: OKK Beograd, BC Stari Dif, KK Viva Basket.

Brief biography:

I finished the ETS, Nikola Tesla, Belgrade and after school I was totally
dedicated to basketball. My mother is a former basketball player and father
of professional ice hockey coach.

I started to practice basketball with 7 years past the entire basketball
school in Kk Radivoje Korac and OKK Beograd, performing in all youth

2011/2012 BC Stari Dif – a member of the first Serbian league – seniors

2012/2013 BC Viva Basket – a member of the first Serbian league

2013/2014 BKK Radnicki – (at the time of transition was a member of the
elite first division, but due to lack of money the club withdrew from the
league mentioned and returned to continue competing in the First Serbian

2014/2015 BKK Radnicki