Height: 201cm / 6’7″ Weight: 105kg / 220lbs  Wingspan: 210cm/6’10” Position: POINT/GUARD Born: 27/6/80



Beopetrol Belgrade (YUG-SuperLeague) cadet and junior team

1998-1999: Beopetrol Belgrade (YUG-SuperLeague)

1999-2000: Beopetrol Belgrade(YUG-SuperLeague)

2000-2001: BBK Triga-Eprin Brno(CZECH Republic-NBL)

2001-2002: BBK Triga-Eprin Brno(CZECH Republic-NBL)

2002-2003: Ostacolor BK Pardubice(CZECH Republic-NBL)(VTB League)

2003-2004: Ekaterinburg EURAS (RUSSIA-Europe League) 1.1 million euros
   -9.9ppg, 4.5rpg, Assists-1(7.5apg), Steals-2(2.1spg)

On February ’04 set new record of  RUSSIA league 15 assist!!!

2004-2005: VEF Riga (LATVIA-Europe League):(VTB League) 600.000 euros,60K Montly
  -11.0ppg, 5.3rpg, Assists-1(9.8apg), Steals-1(2.6spg);

-10.1ppg, 3.9rpg, Assists-1(9.7apg), 1.9sp

On March ’05 set new record of VTB league 15 assist!!!

2005-2006: DGP Azoty Unia Tarnow (POLAND-Europe League)(FIBA Champions League)

-8.2ppg, 6.2rpg, Assists-1(10.5apg), Steals-2(2.1spg),

On March ’06 set new record of EUROPEAN leagues 18 assist!!!

2006-2007: Paykan Tehran (IRAN-Superleague):WABA League 300.000$,60K Montly

-April signed with Azoti Rustavi for play-off(GEORGIA-SuperLeague)(FIBA Europe Cup)

   -most payed player in history of League


2007-2008: Al Hilal (KINGDOM SAUDI ARABIA-SuperLeague) 200.000$,50K Montly
-most payed player of League-


January ’08: set WORLD Record with 33 assists in a single game!!!

2008-2016: Al Nizwa (Sultanate of OMAN-SuperLeague)(ASEAN,ARAB,GULF Champions CUPs)

-most payed player in history of League-

-ARAB Club Champs- LEBANON



-GULF Club Champs- Kingdom of BAHREIN




-16.8ppg.5.4rpg,Assists-1(9.9apg) ,1.9spg



-GULF Club Champs-QATAR


-International Tournament-DUBAI-

-15.3ppg,6.4rpg,Assists-1(10.2),Steals-1 (3.2spg)

-ASIA Club Champions Cup- KUWAIT-

-16.4ppg,7.2rpg,Assists-(11.8apg)Steals-1 (3.3spg)

– TURKEY Istanbul International tournament-

– GULF CLUB Champions CUP-

18.8ppg,7.5rpg,Assist(12.2apg)Steals-1 (3.6spg)

Set new record of ASIA 21 assist!!!
Set new record of Gulf Champs 10 steals!!!

2016-2017:BC KOLIN Czech Republic(NBL,NBL CUP)

-11.2ppg,4.3rpg,Assists-(10.2apg)Steals-1 (2.1spg)

in January sign Lucrative Contract with

Al Nizwa (Sultanate of OMAN-SuperLeague)   for Arab Gulf Championship

-18.1ppg,7.4rpg,Assists-(11.8apg)Steals-1 (3.7spg)




World University Games -01                           

CZECH Rep. All-Star Game -02

CZECH Rep.All-Star Game-03

CZECH Rep.League Best Passer-03

VTB League Rising Star Trophy Winner -03

RUSSIA  All-Star Game -04

RUSSIA League Honorable Mention -04

RUSSIA League Best Passer -04

VTB LEAGUE Guard of the year -04


VTB LEAGUE Best Passer -04

LATVIA LBL All-Star Game -05

LATVIA League Champion -05

LATVIA League Best Passer-05

POLAND Player of the League-06

POLAND All-Star Game-06

POLAND League Best Passer -06

FIBA Champions League Defensive player of the year -06

FIBA Champions League 1 st team -06

IRANIAN Superleague Champion – 06

IRANIAN Superleague 1 st team -06

IRANIAN SuperLeague Best Passer-06

West Asian Championship 1 st PLACE -06

West Asian Championship MVP -06

GEORGIA SuperLeague All-Star game -07

GEORGIA SuperLeague Champion -07

GEORGIA Super Cup Winner – 07

FIBA Euro CUP Guard of the Year -07

Kingdom of SAUDI ARABIA League Champion -08

Kingdom of SAUDI ARABIA Prince FEISAL Cup Winner -08

Kingdom of SAUDI ARABIA MVP-08

January 2008: set World Record with 33 assists in a single game!!!

Sultanate of Oman Sultan Cup Winner -09

Sultanate of Oman Sultan League Champion -09

LEBANON Arab Club Championships -09

LEBANON Arab Club Championships Assist and steals Leader-09

LEBANON Arabian Club Championships Best PG-09

Sultanate of Oman Sultan Qabus League Champion -10

Kingdom of BAHREIN Arab Gulf Club Championships -10

Kingdom of BAHREIN Arab Gulf Club Champs MVP-10

Sultanate of Oman Sultan Qabus Company League Champion-11

Sultanate of Oman Sultan Qabus League Champion -11

Kingdom SAUDI ARABIA  Arabian Gulf Club Champs -11

Kingdom SAUDI ARABIA  Arabian Gulf Club Champs Best PG-11

Sultanate of Oman Sultan Qabus Ministry cup MVP -12

Sultanate of Oman Sultan Qabus League Champion -13

Sultanate of Oman Sultan Qabus League MVP -13

DUBAI Duty free International Tournament -14

DUBAI Duty free International Tournament Best PG-14

QATAR Arab Gulf Club Champs MVP-14

QATAR Arab Gulf Club Champs Assist record-(21 assists in one game)-14

QATAR Arab Gulf Club Champs Steals record(10 steals in one game) -14

DUBAI Duty free International Tournament Winner 15

DUBAI Duty free International Tournament Assist and Steals leader  15

DUBAI Duty free International Tournament -15

KUWAIT ASIA Club Champions Cup-15

KUWAIT ASIA Club Champions Cup Assist and Steals Leader-15

KUWAIT ASIA CLUB Champions Cup Most Valuable Player -15

TURKEY Istanbul International tournament  Winner -16


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BOJAN Malesevic Water Commercial:


official website,promo video:


Prestigious Newspapers :

Personal:Speaks Five languages…Very nice and educated person…Strong personality,Always fan favorite wherever he played..Mentor of Nemanja Bjelica Minnesota Timberwolves.Scouting report:An Very Experience NBA-Sized PG…Very Crafty-tricky Player…Strong and smart PG…Best passer in two continents in every country he played he was leader in assist (With fantastic stats.)…Record of the leagues in Assist,steals,GOLD MEDALS…best passer in history of  leagues  Average more than 10 assist per game  in Career!!!…Set record of assist in all leagues where he played !!…Winning championships,All star games,voted MVP in Leagues and you getting the picture…His fundamentals,court vision and passing abilities are unbelievable.Play with face and back equally good.posses unique euro-step and sky hook…….Sharp shooter for 3 points.. with great percentage…Excellent rebounded when motivated defensively and offensively …Large wingspan make him clever defender (always steals leader in leagues)…steals leader in GULF Champs 3.6 spg!!!(Set record 10 steals in single game)!!Big basketball IQ,GENIUS on the Court….. With years he plays better and his game improved.. he is a leader and winner…Make big different on court-dominate the game..He can do everything on court..Triple Double player,Mr.Do Everything…Real Professional Always keep him self in very good shape..Arrange to WIN More than 20 gold medals in Gulf(Most Richest People  in World)…If you want to win title you should call BOJAN MALESEVIC. While playing in Gulf Endorsed by Alibabab  Gulf brand.Play for millions in his Career .Best PG in Asia. Set World Record with 33 assists in a single game!!!