Andrei Vizitiu


Full name :     Vizitiu Andrei

Position :        Power forward, Slasher forward

Height :           201 cm ,6-6 ft

Weight :          95 kg ,209 lbs

Born :              08 October 1986 in Suceava, Romania

Studied:          In Romania at  University “Politehnica” of Bucharest

Graduated:     In 2011 with Diploma in Engineering in Transportation.



I have been playing basketball in Romania professionally since  2008, I started with second level ,Division B ,that was during my College years and grew to the first league level, Division A and LNB; from 2008 to 2012 I played for CSM Bucharest where I grew as a basketball player and teams started to take interest in me . Being in the team rotation  and gaining the coach confidence was something that happened with every practice and every game little by little ,I learned a lot from my teammates , their experience helped  grow my experience. I didn’t realy like to change the team once I understood what the coach wanted from the sistems  and also the minutes didn’t matter once I knew my role . Thanks to this 4, 5 seasons coaches and teams got to be interested in me and I allways had offers even after the injuryes that I had during 2012 2013 season .In this period I worked with fisiotherapysts and learned a lot about strenghthening the  body so I recovered with  a second level team until last year when  I received an offer from a first league team in LNB. So last season I was a backup for position 4 ,the coach told me from the beginning that  he is not going to give me to many responsabilities, he  just wanted me  to rest the guy on my position but eventually he put me more on the court ; it was a minimum budget team with a minimum chances for playoffs but still we fought for position 8 until the last game of the championship. The team is Phoenix Galati and we finished the season in rank 9 we lost 8’th place in the last game so we got into an early vacation this year. It was a good year for me, I got back to the intensity of the game, coaches in Romania started to see me again also my coach from this year wants to continue so thank God I’m going to have a busy summer and practice with motivation.








  • 2008 – 2009   Champion of the Romanian CN Division B with CS Municipal Bucharest team;
  • 2011 – 2012   Qualified in the Playoffs of the Romanian CN Division A with CS Municipal Bucharest team;

Qualified in the Final 4 of the Romanian Cup Competition with CS Municipal Bucharest team;

  • 2014 – 2015   Qualified in the Final 4 of the Romanian Liga 1 with CSU Stiinta Bucharest;
  • 2016 – 2017   Rank 9 in the Romanian National League, LNB , with Phoenix Galati ,

Qualified in the Quarterfinals of the Romanian Cup Competition with Phoenix Galati .