Marko Pavlovic

My name is Marko Pavlovic, my height is 211cm,play on position 5. I’m 30 years old

and come from Serbia.I played in several clubs in Europe in the last 6 years and

before that i played in my home town Kragujevac,for team called Radnicki.With team

ETOILE DU SAHEL from Tunisia I won the Arabic club shampionship in Dubai held

03-14.11.2015.Here is my biography and 6 video clips from 2010.


Previous teams : KK Radnicki 034 (Serbia),Marso Vagep (Hungary), BC Pall

Arel(Luxembourg),Pitesti (Romania),Velbert (Germany),Pagrati (Greece),Bc

Xarcaga(Mongolia),Tanan Garid(Mongolia),Etoile


BC RADNICKI 034/SERBIA (2002-2009) with an average of 4 ppg and 4 rpg in three major league.
.BC MARSO VAGEP / HUNGARY (2009/10) with an average of 4,3 ppg and 4,0 rpg for 8 minutes (6 games) in the first part of the season.In the second part of the season played for BC PITESTI / ROMANIA,with an average 8,0 ppg and 6,2 rpg for 15 minutes (17 games)
BC VELBERT / GERMANY (2010/11) with an average of 18,5 points and 11,2 rebounds for 30 minutes (18 games)
BC PALL AREL BASKETBALL / LUXEMBOURG (2011/12) with an average of 20,4 points and 14,5 rebounds for 35 minutes (20 games)in the first part of the season.In the second part of the season played for BC XARCAGA / MONGOLIA with an average of 23,2 points and 15,3 rebounds for 36 minutes (26 games)
PAGRATI/ GREECE (2012-2013) with an average 8,3 points and 6,1 rebounts for 18 minutes (17 games)
TANAN GARID/MONGOLIA(2014/15) with an average of 15,7 points and 13,4 rebounds for 27,6 minutes (27 games)
Etoil Du Sahel Arabic tournament:with an average of 8 points and 6,1 rebounds for 15 minutes(6 games)
BC Baia Mare/Romania(2016/17) with an average of 12.1 points,5.9 rebounds,1.2 asist for 28 minutes(15 games)
Phoenix Galati/Romania(2016/17) with an average of 11.8 points,5.3 rebounds,1.3 asist for 22.5 minutes(6 games)
Trophies / Awards : Winner of 3 place of the Junior Championships Serbia with Radnicki Kragujevac 2004

Serbian Cup winner with Radnicki 034 Kragujevac 2007 Reached the play off with Bc Pitesti 2009-10 Best rebounder of the league Luxembourg with 14,5 rebounds per game 2011-12 3 place in the championship Mongolia with Bc Xarcaga 2012 2 place in the championship Mongolia with Bc Tanan Garid 2015 Winner of the Arabic Championships with Etoile Du Sahel 2015
Mentioned on the best players for Romanian Championship 2016-17